Mercedes-benz 300 Verkocht

Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300
Mercedes-benz - 300

Mercedes-benz verkocht van het model 300 met een kilometerstand van 23.506 Km. Deze tweedehands Mercedes-benz 300 staat momenteel verkocht voor €264.900. De wagen is inschreven in 01-06-1955. Deze Mercedes-benz heeft een manueel transmissie. De brandstof type van deze wagen is gasoline. Deze Mercedes-benz 300 staat momenteel verkocht bij Britisch Sport Cars in Overijse.
Mercedes-Benz 300b Cabriolet D Adenauer - Only 87 produced in 1954
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A Continental test on a (Mercedes-Benz 300) production model recently made available by the manufacturers shows that the
car now challenges the best produced anywhere in the world today. There are still very few saloon cars which are capable of a mean
speed of over 100mph, but to obtain this result on a five/six-seater saloon car with generous room for passengers and
luggage, using an engine of three-liter capacity said to deliver only 114bhp, is a notable achievement." - The Autocar magazine, May
1952. Introduced at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1951, the Mercedes-Benz 300 owed the design of its independently suspended oval-tube
chassis to the 170S of 1949 and would later on provide the mechanical basis for the incomparable 300SL sports car. Additional
refinements appropriate for the company's top-of-the-range luxury saloon included an improved steering mechanism and remote
electrical control of the rear suspension ride height. Initially developing 115bhp (DIN), the 3-liter, overhead-camshaft six-cylinder engine
was increased in power for succeeding models, producing 125bhp in the 300b built between March 1954 and August 1955. Other
improvements included larger brakes (with servo-assistance from 1954) optional power steering and three-speed automatic
transmission as standard on the 300d. Conservatively styled, the Mercedes-Benz 300 was one of very few contemporary vehicles
capable of carrying six passengers in comfort at sustained high speeds.
 Priced at DM24,700 in 1954, the 300b Cabriolet D was among the world's most expensive - if not the most expensive - automobiles
of its day.
To the characteristics of high performance, impressive appearance and fine detail finish which distinguished the big Mercedes
models of pre-war days are added new virtues of silence, flexibility, and lightness of control, while the latest rear suspension, a product
of long experience on Grand Prix cars and touring cars, confers a degree of security at high speeds on rough and slippery surfaces which
it would be very difficult indeed to equal," observed The Autocar.
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  Tweedehands auto Mercedes-benz 300 verkocht.

Technische Gegevens

Dit auto zoekertje is niet meer beschikbaar en is waarschijnlijk al verkocht.
Bekijk hier alle laatste Mercedes-benz 300 auto zoekertjes.
Kilometerstand23.506 Km
Auto DealerBritisch Sport Cars


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Aantal Mercedes-benz 300 verkocht3
Gemiddelde kilometerstand136.198 Km
Mercedes-Benz 300 211.997 Km €12.500
Mercedes-Benz 300 158.796 Km €25.000
Mercedes-Benz 300 37.800 Km €195.000
Mercedes-Benz 300 180.164 Km €33.950
Mercedes-Benz 300 154.980 Km €34.950
Mercedes-Benz 300 154.980 Km €34.950
Mercedes-Benz 300 82.482 Km €55.000
Mercedes-benz 300 23.594 Km €89.000
Mercedes-Benz 300 74.574 Km €129.950
Mercedes-Benz 300 53.838 Km €154.900
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